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Wettability control of droplet durotaxis

  • [Jan 22, 2018] Paper on wettability control of droplet durotaxis, in collaboration with Jesus Bueno and Hector Gomez from Purdue University, and Yuri Bazilevs from UCSD, accepted in Soft Matter. (Read the paper)

Phase-field model of hydraulic fracturing

  • [Jan 12, 2018] David Santillan and Luis Cueto's paper on phase-field modeling of hydraulic fracturing in poroelastic media, accepted in Journal of Geophysical Research. (Read the paper)

Prediction of velocity distribution from pore structure

  • [Dec 22, 2017] Pietro de Anna's paper on prediction of velocity distribution from pore structure, in collaboration with Bryan Quaife from Florida State and George Biros from UT Austin, published in Physical Review Fluids. (Read the paper)

Inferring fault and reservoir properties

  • [Dec 21, 2017] Paper on inferring fault frictional and reservoir hydraulic properties from injection-induced seismicity, in collaboration with Youssef Marzouk's group at MIT, accepted in Geophysical Research Letters. (Read the paper)

University of Oxford

Viscous fingering with partially miscibility

Colegio Santa María del Mar

  • [Oct 3, 2017] Ruben Juanes gave the 2017/2018 inaugural lecture to the high school seniors at his alma mater, Colegio Santa María del Mar, in his native A Coruña, Spain. (Link)

Maximizing value of pressure data

  • [Sep 1, 2017] Peter Kang's paper on maximizing the value of pressure data in saline aquifer characterization, in collaboration with Seonkyoo Yoon and John Williams from MIT, published in Advances in Water Resources. (Read the paper)

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