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Pore-scale modeling of phase change

Thin films in partial wetting

  • [Apr 27, 2018] Amir Pahlavan and Luis Cueto's paper on thin films in partial wetting, in collaboration with Peko Hosoi and Gareth McKinley from MIT Mechanical Engineering, published in Journal of Fluid Mechanics. (Read the paper)

Hydrate growth on a gas–liquid interface

  • [Apr 2, 2018] Xiaojing Fu and Luis Cueto's paper on nonequilibrium thermodynamics of hydrate growth on a gas–liquid interface, published in Physical Review Letters and featured as Editor's Suggestion. (Read the paper)

Phase-field model of hydraulic fracturing

  • [Mar 12, 2018] David Santillan and Luis Cueto's paper on phase-field modeling of hydraulic fracturing in poroelastic media, published in Journal of Geophysical Research. (Read the paper)

Morphodynamics of fluid-fluid displacement in 3D deformable media

  • [Feb 26, 2018] Marie-Julie Dalbe's paper on morphodynamics of fluid-fluid displacement in 3D deformable granular media, published in Physical Review Applied. (Read the paper)

Wetting transition in a capillary tube

The two sides of a fault

  • [Feb 21, 2018] Zhibing Yang's paper on grain-scale analysis of pore pressure control on fault slip, published in Physical Review E. (Read the paper)

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