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Bubble pinch-off

Xenon hydrates

  • [Jun 15, 2019] Xiaojing Fu and Luis Cueto's paper, in collaboration with William Waite from USGS, on xenon hydrate as an analogue of methane hydrate in geologic systems out of thermodynamic equilibrium, published in Geochemistry, Geophysics, Geosystems. (Read the paper)

Anomalous transport in fracture networks

  • [Jun 15, 2019] Peter Kang's paper on stress-induced anomalous transport in natural fracture networks, published in Water Resources Research. (Read the paper)

Multiphase flow benchmark

Ehsan Haghighat

  • [May 17, 2019] Ehsan Haghighat received the CEE Postdoctoral Scholar Mentoring, Teaching and Excellence Award. Congratulations!

APS March Meeting

Jane Chui

Bauyrzhan prize

AGU Fall Meeting

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