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New Scientist: Lock up your carbon

Pressure and migration constraints on CO2 storage

Amir Michael

  • [Jan 31, 2014] Michael Chen and Amir Pahlavan passed their Qualifying Exams. Congratulations!

CO2 dissolution from geologic traps

Mathias Trojer

  • [Jan 8, 2014] Mathias Trojer successfully defended his PhD dissertation, titled Fluid-fluid invasion patterns and their relevance for geological CO2 storage. Congratulations, Dr. Trojer!!

Birendra Jha

  • [Dec 20, 2013] Birendra Jha successfully defended his PhD dissertation, titled Flow through porous media: From mixing of fluids to triggering of earthquakes. Congratulations, Dr. Jha!!

AGU Fall Meeting

Tanguy Le Borgne

Projections of gas production

  • [Dec 3, 2013] Luis Cueto's commentary on forecasting long-term gas production from shale, published in PNAS. (Read the paper)

Special issue on Geologic CO,,2,, Sequestration

Convective dissolution of gravity currents

  • [Dec 1, 2013] Juan Hidalgo and Chris MacMinn's paper on the dynamics of convective dissolution from a migrating current of carbon dioxide, published in Advances in Water Resources, as part of the special issue on 'Computational Methods in Geologic CO2 Sequestration'. (Read the paper)

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