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Graduation 2014

Poromechanics of faults

  • [May 14, 2014] Birendra Jha's paper on coupled multiphase flow and poromechanics: a computational model of pore-pressure effects on fault slip and earthquake triggering, published in Water Resources Research. (Read the paper)

Birendra Jha Catherine Cheng award

  • [May 13, 2014] Two members of the group received CEE department awards. Catherine Cheng received the CEE Leadership and Community Award, and Birendra Jha received the CEE Best Doctoral Thesis Award. Congratulations!! (CEE News)

Peter Kang

  • [May 12, 2014] Peter Kang successfully defended his PhD dissertation, titled Anomalous Transport in Porous and Fractured Media. Congratulations, Dr. Kang!! (Pictures)

Christos Nicolaides

  • [May 6, 2014] Christos Nicolaides successfully defended his PhD dissertation, titled Dynamic Processes on Complex Networks: from Disease Spreading to Neural Activity. Congratulations, Dr. Nicolaides!! (Pictures)

New Scientist: Lock up your carbon

Pressure and migration constraints on CO2 storage

Amir Michael

  • [Jan 31, 2014] Michael Chen and Amir Pahlavan passed their Qualifying Exams. Congratulations!

CO2 dissolution from geologic traps



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