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AGU Fall Meeting

APS Fluids Meeting

Interface evolution during viscous fingering

  • [October 28, 2015] Jane Chui and Pietro de Anna's paper on interface evolution during radial miscible viscous fingering, published as a Rapid Communication in Physical Review E. (Read the paper)

TOUGH Symposium

Ruben Juanes

David Castineira Na-Hyun Jung

Mixing at nodes in regular fracture networks

  • [August 30, 2015] Peter Kang's paper on the impact of conductivity heterogeneity and mixing at fracture intersections on anomalous transport in regular fracture networks, in collaboration with Marco Dentz at the Spanish National Research Council and Tanguy Le Borgne at the University of Rennes, published in Physical Review E. (Read the paper)

Reservoir characterization using flow and geodetic data

  • [August 26, 2015] Birendra Jha's paper on reservoir characterization using joint inversion of flow and geodetic data, published in International Journal for Numerical and Analytical Methods in Geomechanics. (Read the paper)

Thin films in partial wetting

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