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Viscous Fingering and Heterogeneity

Stabilizing fluid-fluid displacements through wettability

Stochastic resilience of water-stress ecosystems

  • [April 20, 2015] Luis Cueto's paper on the stochastic structure of critical transitions in water-stressed ecosystems, in collaboration with Marco Dentz at the Spanish National Research Council, accepted in Physical Review E. (Read the preprint)

Jane Chui and Ruby Fu

David Santillan Sanchez

  • [Mar 20, 2015] Juanes Group welcomes Dr. David Santillan from the Technical University of Madrid, Spain as a visitor for the spring semester.

Amos Nur

  • [Mar 19, 2015] Prof. Amos Nur from Stanford University visits group and gives CEE Pierce Lab seminar "Imaging and Computing: Digital Rock Physics for Reservoir Characterization, Simulation, and Monitoring": Thu, Mar 19 @4:00pm, Bldg 1-131.

Marie Julie Dalbe

Joshua White

  • [Mar 4, 2015] Dr. Joshua White from Lawrence Livermore National Lab visits group and gives CEE Pierce Lab seminar: Wed, Mar 4 @4:00pm, Bldg 1-131. (Read the abstract)

Transport in fractured media

  • [Feb 18, 2015] Peter Kang's paper on the impact of velocity correlation and distribution on transport in fractured media, in collaboration with Tanguy Le Borgne and Olivier Bour at the University of Rennes, and Marco Dentz at the Spanish National Research Council, published in Water Resources Research. (Read the paper)

Ribbon Cutting Ceremony Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

  • [Feb 10, 2015] Juanes Group celebrates the opening of our new Subsurface Energy and Mechanics Lab (SEaM Lab) during the ribbon cutting ceremony. (Pictures)


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