Recent News

Phase-field model of fracture

  • [Mar 22, 2017] David Santillan and Luis Cueto's paper on phase-field modeling of fluid-driven fracture in elastic media, accepted in Journal of Geophysical Research. (Read the paper)

Benchmark study of pore-scale modeling

  • [Mar 10, 2017] JRG releases a benchmark study on pore-scale modeling of multiphase flow in porous media, with particular emphasis on wettability effects. For more information, and a link to the experimental data, click here.

Ehsan Haghighat

  • [Jan 16, 2017] Postdoctoral associate Ehsan Haghighat joins the group. Welcome!

Droplet motion driven by tensotaxis

  • [Jan 10, 2017] Paper on droplet motion driven by tensotaxis, in collaboration with Jesus Bueno and Hector Gomez from the University of A Coruna, and Yuri Bazilevs from UCSD, published in Extreme Mechanics Letters. (Read the paper)

AGU Fall Meeting

Robin Zhao

  • [Dec 6, 2016] Robin Zhao successfully defended his PhD dissertation, titled Multiphase flow in porous media: the impact of capillarity and wettability from field-scale to pore-scale. Congratulations, Dr. Zhao!! (Pictures)

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