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University of Oxford

Viscous fingering with partially miscibility

Colegio Santa María del Mar

  • [Oct 3, 2017] Ruben Juanes gave the 2017/2018 inaugural lecture to the high school seniors at his alma mater, Colegio Santa María del Mar, in his native A Coruña, Spain. (Link)

Maximizing value of pressure data

  • [Sep 1, 2017] Peter Kang's paper on maximizing the value of pressure data in saline aquifer characterization, in collaboration with Seonkyoo Yoon and John Williams from MIT, published in Advances in Water Resources. (Read the paper)

Hooding Ceremony 2017

Methane incubation experiment

  • [Jun 3, 2017] Ben Scandella's paper on persistence of bubble outlets in soft methane-generating sediments, in collaboration with Kyle Delwhiche and Harold Hemond, published in Journal of Geophysical Research - Biogeosciences. (Read the paper; Access datasets)

Ruby Fu

  • [May 18, 2017] Ruby Fu received the Maseeh Award for Excellence as a Teaching Assistant. Congratulations!

Improved subsurface characterization from transient pressure data

  • [May 12, 2017] Peter Kang's paper on improved characterization of heterogeneous permeability in saline aquifers from transient pressure data during freshwater injection, in collaboration with Peter Kitanidis from Stanford University, published in Water Resources Research. (Read the paper)

MIT-Harvard Castor induced seismicity study

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