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Rate effects in induced seismicity

  • [Jun 15, 2020] Maryam Alghannam's paper on understanding rate effects in injection-induced earthquakes, published in Nature Communications. (Read the paper)

Lluis Salo

  • [Jun 11, 2020] Lluis Salo received MIT's School of Engineering 2020-21 MATLAB Engineering Fellowship. Congratulations!

Earthquake control at Rangely

  • [Jun 3, 2020] Josimar da Silva's paper, in collaboration with Hannah Byrne, Andreas Plesch and John Shaw from Harvard, revisiting the classic experiment on earthquake control at Rangely, published in Geophysical Research Letters. (Read the paper)

Jamming in wet granular media

Viscoplastic model of creep

Solute transport during infiltration

  • [Mar 24, 2020] Luis Cueto's paper, in collaboration with Xiaojing (Ruby) Fu, on the interplay between fingering instabilities and initial soil moisture in solute transport through the vadose zone, published in Water. (Read the paper)

Infiltration in heterogeneous media

  • [Mar 23, 2020] Luis Cueto's paper, in collaboration with Xiaojing (Ruby) Fu, on simulation of unstable preferential flow during water infiltration into heterogeneous dry soil, published in Water. (Read the paper)

Hand washing

Spin coating of capillary tubes

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