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Ruby Fu field work

  • [June 18, 2015] Ruby Fu featured in MIT News for her work on methane bubbles. Watch a video explaining her research here.

Thin films in partial wetting

  • [June 15, 2015] Amir Pahlavan and Luis Cueto's paper on thin films in partial wetting, in collaboration with Gareth McKinley from MIT Mechanical Engineering, accepted in Physical Review Letters. (Read the preprint)

Energy Futures magazine

Stochastic resilience of water-stress ecosystems

  • [May 28, 2015] Luis Cueto's paper on the stochastic structure of critical transitions in water-stressed ecosystems, in collaboration with Marco Dentz at the Spanish National Research Council, published in Physical Review E. (Read the paper)

Stabilizing fluid-fluid displacements through wettability

Viscous Fingering and Heterogeneity

Jane Chui and Ruby Fu


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