Ran Holtzman

Postdoctoral Associate

I study the physics of multiphase flow in particulate, porous media. I seek fundamental understanding of phenomena in which fluid flow plays an essential role, such as mechanical deformation of the solid matrix, solid/fluid and fluid-fluid reactions. I use theoretical/numerical modeling combined with experiments to identify the dominant mechanisms and governing parameters at the pore-scale, a knowledge which is then applied to understand relevant phenomena at larger scales. Current research areas include methane hydrates and methane venting, mechanics of soft sediments, flow instabilities and soil wetting and drying.



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Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Civil and Environmental Engineering
77 Massachusetts Ave, Room 48-208
Cambridge, MA 02139
Phone: 617-253-1969
Email: rholtzman@mit.edu


Massachusetts Institute of Technology · Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering

77 Massachusetts Avenue, Building 48 · Cambridge, MA 02139