This page gives a problem description and the permeability field data used in the simulations of viscous fingering in heterogeneous permeability fields in the paper:

Impact of viscous fingering and permeability heterogeneity on fluid mixing in porous media.
C. Nicolaides, B. Jha, L. Cueto-Felgueroso, and R. Juanes, Submitted for publication.

The methods used to obtain the results are described in detail in the text. The input data for the 3 different permeability fields are available below in MATLAB format (.mat):

  1. log-k variance = 0.1 (Perm_Var0p1.mat) (~2MB)

  2. log-k variance = 2 (Perm_Var2.mat) (~2MB)

  3. log-k variance = 5 (Perm_Var5.mat) (~2MB)

Flow configuration and heterogeneous permeability fields

(a) Five-spot flow configuration. (b) The three multilognormal isotropic permeability fields, k(x,y), used in the current study. The strength of heterogeneity, as given by the log-k variance, increases from left to right. The correlation length is l=0.01.


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