This page gives two supplemental videos with the evolution of the concentration field during viscous fingering displacements, as supplemental material of the paper:

Fluid mixing from viscous fingering.
B. Jha, L. Cueto-Felgueroso and R. Juanes. Physical Review Letters, 106, 194502 (2011). (pdf)

Supplemental Video 1

This movie shows the concentration field during the unstable displacement of a more viscous fluid (dark) by a less viscous fluid (light). The formation, splitting, and nonlinear interaction of viscous fingers induce disorder in the velocity field that affects the mixing rate between the fluids. The displacement corresponds to a viscosity ratio M=exp(3.5)≈33 and Peclet number Pe=10000.

Supplemental Video 2

This movie shows the evolution of the concentration field during the decay of miscible viscous fingering. A binary mixture of initially segregated fluids is driven at constant flow rate in a periodic domain. The simulation parameters are R=2, Pe=10000.


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