Na-Hyun Jung

Na-Hyun (Ella) Jung

PhD Student

I received a MS degree in Geosciences from the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee in 2014 and am now pursuing a PhD degree in Civil and Environmental Engineering. My current work focuses on coupled fluid flow and geomechanics relating to reservoir-induced seismic activities. To do this, I utilize a variety of scientific methodologies both in a laboratory and field. I also love to create a schematic model that integrates crucial elements of underlying physics and thus that increases a general understanding of a given system as follows:

Leakage of CO2 and brine through fault zones

Refereed Journal Publications

1. Regional-scale advective, diffusive and eruptive dynamics of CO2 and brine leakage through faults and wellbores (abstract)
Jung, N.-H., Han, W.S., Han, K.D., Park, E. (2015), Journal of Geophysical Research-Solid Earth, 120(5), 3003-3025.
2. Eruption dynamics of CO2-driven cold-water geysers: Crystal, Tenmile geyser in Utah and ChimayĆ³ geyser in New Mexico (abstract)
Watson, Z.T., Han, W.S., Keating, E., Jung, N.-H., Lu, M. (2014), Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 408(0), 272-284.
3. Fault-Controlled CO2 Leakage from Natural Reservoirs in the Colorado Plateau, East-Central Utah (abstract)
Jung, N.-H., Han, W.S., Watson, Z.T., Graham, J.P., Kim, K.-Y. (2014), Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 403(0), 358-367.
4. Transport of Groundwater, Heat, and Radiogenic He in Topography-Driven Basins (abstract)
Han, W.S., Kim, K.-Y., Jung, N.-H., Park, E., Solomon, D.K. (2014), Groundwater, 53(S1), 33-46.
5. Non-parametric simulations-based conditional stochastic predictions of geologic heterogeneities and leakage potentials for hypothetical CO2 sequestration sites (abstract)
Han, W.S., Kim, K.-Y., Jeong, J, Chung, S, Jung, N.-H., Park, E. (2014), Environmental Earth Sciences, 71(6), 2739-2752.
6. Characteristics of CO2-driven cold-water geyser, the Crystal Geyser in Utah: Experimental observation and mechanism analysis (abstract)
Han, W.S., Lu, M.J., McPherson, B.J., Keating, E.H., Moore, J., Park, E., Watson, Z.T., Jung, N.-H. (2013), Geofluids, 13(3), 283-297.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology · Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering

77 Massachusetts Avenue, Building 48 · Cambridge, MA 02139