Abstracts submitted to the AGU Fall Meeting 2013

  1. Birendra Jha, Bradford H. Hager, Noa Bechor, Ruben Juanes.
    Coupled multiphase flow and geomechanics analysis of the 2011 Lorca earthquake.

  2. Benjamin P. Scandella, P. Urban, Kyle Delwiche, Jens Greinert, Harry Hemond, Carolyn D. Ruppel, Ruben Juanes.
    Quantifying methane flux from lake sediments using multibeam sonar.

  3. Kyle Delwiche, Benjamin P. Scandella, Ruben Juanes, Carolyn D. Ruppel, Harry Hemond.
    Deploying methane bubble traps at varying lake depths to validate bubble dissolution models.

  4. Benzhong Zhao, Christopher MacMinn, Herbert E. Huppert, Ruben Juanes.
    Capillary pinning of immiscible gravity currents in porous media.

  5. Christos Nicolaides, Luis Cueto-Felgueroso, Ruben Juanes.
    Interplay between viscous-fingering and permeability heterogeneity in the prediction of mixing in porous media flows.

  6. Jane Chui, Pietro De Anna, Ruben Juanes.
    The impact of miscible viscous fingering on mixing.

  7. Jon Eriksen, Luis Cueto-Felgueroso, Ruben Juanes.
    Phase field modeling of viscous fingers in dense suspensions.

  8. Luis Cueto-Felgueroso, Marco Dentz, Ruben Juanes.
    The stochastic structure of critical transitions in water-stressed ecosystems. (Oral presentation)

  9. Mathias Trojer, Michael Szulczewski, Ran Holtzman, Ruben Juanes.
    Impact of wettability on two-phase displacement patterns in granular media.

  10. Michael Chen, Amir Pahlavan, Luis Cueto-Felgueroso, Gareth McKinley, Ruben Juanes.
    Liquid spreading under partial wetting conditions.

  11. Peter K. Kang, Marco Dentz, Tanguy Le Borgne, Ruben Juanes.
    Elucidating the origin of solute spreading in fracture networks: permeability heterogeneity vs fluid mixing at fracture intersections.

  12. Pietro de Anna, Joaquin Jimenez Martinez, Hervé Tabuteau, Regis Turuban, Tanguy Le Borgne, Morgane Derrien, Yves Meheust.
    Kinetics of Reactive Fronts in Porous Media: quantification through a laboratory experiment.

  13. Ruben Juanes.
    Fingering and fracturing during multiphase flow in porous media. (Invited)

  14. Ruben Juanes, Birendra Jha, Luis Cueto-Felgueroso.
    Synergetic fluid mixing from viscous fingering and alternating injection. (Oral presentation)

  15. Xiaojing Fu, Luis Cueto-Felgueroso, Diogo Bolster, Ruben Juanes.
    Dissolution patterns from geochemical reactions during CO2 convective mixing in saline aquifers. (Oral presentation)


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