Abstracts submitted to the AGU Fall Meeting 2011

  1. Birendra Jha, Luis Cueto-Felgueroso, Ruben Juanes.
    A reduced-order model of fluid mixing in strongly heterogeneous porous media.

  2. Benzhong Zhao, Christopher W MacMinn, Michael Szulczewski, Jerome A Neufeld, Herbert E Huppert, Ruben Juanes.
    Capillary pinning and the multiphase lock-exchange problem in porous media.

  3. Ran Holtzman, Michael Szulczewski, Jared Darby, Ruben Juanes.
    Crossover from Fingering to Fracturing in Fluid-fluid Displacement in Deformable Granular Media: Theory and Experiments.

  4. Benjamin P Scandella, Harold Hemond, Carolyn D Ruppel, Ruben Juanes.
    Escape paths for biogenic methane gas in lake sediments: morphology and dynamics.

  5. Christopher W MacMinn, Michael Szulczewski, Juan J Hidalgo, Ruben Juanes.
    Gravity currents arrested by convective mixing.

  6. Michael Szulczewski, Ruben Juanes.
    How convective mixing slows down.

  7. Peter K Kang, Tanguy Le Borgne, Olivier Bour, Maria Klepikova, Nicolas Lavenant, Marco Dentz, Ruben Juanes.
    Insights about the Origin of Anomalous Transport through Fractured Media: Modeling and Observations from a Field Test in Fractured Granite.

  8. Luis Cueto-Felgueroso, Ruben Juanes.
    Macroscopic phase-field model of partial wetting: bubbles in a capillary tube. (Invited)

  9. Christos Nicolaides, Luis Cueto-Felgueroso, Ruben Juanes.
    Scaling of Reactive Transport in Fracture Networks with Incomplete Mixing: A Metapopulation Network Approach.

  10. Luis Cueto-Felgueroso, Hector Gomez, Ruben Juanes.
    The Impact of Fingering Instabilities on Vegetation Dynamics in Water-stressed Ecosystems.

  11. Jane Chui, Michael Szulczewski, Birendra Jha, Ruben Juanes.
    Understanding the Evolution of Miscible Viscous Fingering Patterns.

  12. Yongkoo Seol, Jeong-Hoon Choi, Eilis Rosenbaum, Ray M Boswell, Ruben Juanes.
    X-Ray Computed-Tomography Imaging of Preferential Mode of Gas Migration through Water-Saturated Sediments.

  13. Ruben Juanes, Cindi Schuetz, Luis Cueto-Felgueroso, Insa Neuweiler.
    Gravity Fingering During Infiltration: Impact of Medium Heterogeneity.

  14. Juan J Hidalgo, Christopher W MacMinn, Jaime Fe, Luis Cueto-Felgueroso, Ruben Juanes.
    Feedbacks of Density and Viscosity Nonlinearities on Convective Mixing: Experiments and High-resolution Simulations.

  15. Ruben Juanes, Birendra Jha, Luis Cueto-Felgueroso.
    Mixing and Velocity Disorder: From Viscous Fingering to Heterogeneous Media. (Invited)


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