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Marie-Julie Dalbe

Marie-Julie Dalbe

Postdoctoral Associate

I received my PhD in Université Lyon 1, in France in November 2014. I studied the stick-slip instability during adhesive tape peeling.

mail : mjdalbe@mit.edu

Exp I started to work in Ruben Juanes Group in March 2015. I will study capillary fracturing in a 3D granular media. Experiments and numerical models in 2- dimension media have shown the existence of different patterns depending on the physical properties of the media as well as of the fluids. However, these experiments being 2-dimensional, they fail to reproduce the full dynamics that can happen in natural 3-dimension conditions. Thus I am developing an experimental set-up allowing to observe a two-phase flow in a 3-dimension granular bed using an index matching technique.

Participation in the CEE Video Competition


International Journals

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Reviewed Proceedings

Dalbe, M.-J., Santucci, S., Cortet, P.-P., Guerra, C., Vanel, L., Stick-slip peeling of a roller adhesive tape at a constant velocity, Proceeding 21ème Congrès Français de Mécanique (2013)


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